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Farmers Electric Cooperative is committed to providing reliable electricity at the lowest cost. These days, that means including lean, green power sources in our energy mix. Here’s how to make the most of your green power!

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Renewable energy is all over the news. Yet it’s been around a long time—in fact, Farmers has used hydroelectric power for decades. Today, we’re also adding solar power, with wind power not far behind.

Our hydropower comes from Denison Dam at Lake Texoma, where two generating units provide enough electricity to power about 80,000 homes. Solar power is generated primarily in sunny West Texas and we also have our own solar farm in nearby Commerce, Texas. Through a project with our generating and transmission co-op, or "G&T," Farmers will soon make Texas coastal wind power available. Sea and land breezes on the Gulf Coast reach their peaks in the morning and evening—just when our demand for electricity also peaks.

As more consumers become interested in the environmental benefits of these renewable resources, technology advances are making them easier to use, more efficient, and more affordable. That’s why they’re a good fit for our mission to provide members reliable electricity at the lowest cost.


Solar Energy

Renewable Energy Program

When you sign up to purchase renewable energy, you’ll lock in a reliable, affordable five-year rate that makes becoming a green farmer easy. You decide how much renewable energy is right for you: choose one block of power or eight blocks—up to 800 kWh.

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Renewable Generation

Renewable Generation allows for members who utilize alternative power sources to receive benefits such as tax incentives. Download the PDF Renewable Generation and learn more. Then when you are ready download and complete the Interconnection Agreement to install your power solution.