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One degree makes a difference.

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Local Pages

Add a Farmers EC Budget Bill Plan and maximize savings.

NO, REALLY, IT DOES. JUST ONE DEGREE. Seriously, the Department of Energy has the data. That said, we know you’re looking for a number – how much, in reality, can you save by sweating a bit more in August or putting on a sweater in January? According to the research, when a homeowner increases their base temperature by one degree during summer (or lower it by a degree in winter) for about 8 hours, they can anticipate a one percent savings on their utility charges. That’s a penny on the dollar, a dime on $10, or $1 on $100. The more degrees you shift out of your comfort zone, the greater the reduction you can look forward to on your expenses.

Now, take it easy – there’s a reasonable cap on how much of an impact it can have, but you, like all of us, are keeping an eye on your expenses and trying to save where you can.

Frankly, your thermostat is a good place to start. Accept a little more heat in the hot months or give up a little warmth when it’s cold, and you’ll enjoy a degree of savings when your next bill arrives. Invest in a smart thermostat, one that helps you reduce wasted energy by scheduling wisely, and you’ll be able to trim your expenses even more.

Here’s the thing: Heating and cooling accounts for about 48 percent of the average home’s energy consumption, per the DOE’s stats. The smarter you are about how that energy is used, the better off your wallet will be.

The most clever Farmers EC members will use every tool available to them when it comes to becoming more energy efficient. More and more Farmers EC members are relying on co-op services like Budget Billing to keep their bill consistent even when the weather isn’t.

With 85 years of experience, Farmers EC knows that no two members are the same–from their homes, to their lifestyles, to their energy usage. That’s why the co-op has crafted plans that acknowledge those differences and embrace them to benefit our members. Among those plans, some members will opt for our traditional month-to-month option or, perhaps, for a proactive plan like PowerUP Prepaid Billing. Both are paperless and include online convenience features to help members take charge of their billing and payments.

Members who opt for our Budget Bill Plan gain the benefit of averaging their month-to-month costs. This makes their regular bills more predictable, giving them the information they need – in advance – so they can be confident their budget will account for it. Budget Billing is a great way to avoid some of the stress that comes with ‘surprises’ in your monthly bill. Basically, your payment is an average of the past 11 months in addition to the current month’s expense, and that result becomes your new monthly cost.

In a very real way, that average helps members ‘weather-proof’ their monthly bills, shaving off the peaks of summer’s hottest days and the pits of winter’s coldest weeks. We understand many of our members feel most secure when they can be sure of what they’ll see on their next bill, and we want to make that happen as efficiently as possible. Meanwhile, we continue to offer cost-reducing resources at FarmersElectric.coop so they can ensure their personal energy efficiency.

Adding in tools like SmartHub and our members are poised to make every degree count, both for their comfort and for their monthly budgets.


Learn more about Farmers EC bill plans and payment options in the Account Hub.