Mark StubbsSUMMER 2022 IS SHAPING UP to be one of the hottest summers I can remember. I don’t recall the last time we had this many days where temperatures reached triple digits. Unfortunately, this heat wave is causing some high electricity bills for all Texans.

Farmers Electric Cooperative has more than 85 years in the electricity delivery business, so we know no one likes to be surprised when they get their bill. But the truth is there doesn’t have to be a surprise. We have a way for members to keep their bills consistent even when the weather isn’t. It’s our Budget Billing plan.

Budget Billing gives members the ability to “weatherproof” their monthly bill. With Budget Billing, the monthly payment amount is based on an average of the last 11 months, plus the current month. This is how bills stay consistent throughout the year.
The best defense for this heat wave is to become more energy efficient. Now is the time to change your energy consumption habits. The best place to start is with the thermostat.

A good rule of thumb is 78 degrees. This will lower your energy bill because your air conditioner will not have to overcome such a large temperature gap. If it’s 102 degrees outside and your thermostat is set at 70 degrees, your cooling system has a 32-degree temperature gap to overcome. If the thermostat is at 78, it’s only a 24-degree temperature gap.

Using fans is a good way to keep cool, too. Make sure your ceiling fans are circulating air down by making sure they are turning counterclockwise. This will help keep the cool air down in the room. Use box and floor fans to blow cool air in from cooler parts of the house. And, turn the fans off when you are not in the room.

Some other ideas include:

  1. Request a copy of the co-op’s Home Energy Efficiency Guide. Learn more about this informative guide in the Efficiency Hub at
  2. Download our free Energy Tips PDF. The co-op maintains a full list of energy-saving tips on the Efficiency Hub at
  3. Consider an HVAC tune-up, or upgrade your water heater to one that uses less electricity. Find more rebates in the Efficiency Hub at
  4. Use SmartHub to track, analyze, and understand how you’re using electricity and how it affects your bill. Learn more in the Account Hub.

Cooler days are ahead. If you need a little extra time to pay, our Member Care team has solutions and are an email or a phone call away. The team is ready to work with you to develop a personalized program that fits your budget. Contact Member Care today at 903.455.1715 to find a solution that’s right for you.


Visit the Efficiency Hub and save energy and money.