Mark StubbsELECTRICITY TRAVELS ALONG an intricate network of poles and wires to power our homes and businesses. Most of the time, it’s a seamless journey, but occasionally, the path of electricity is disrupted by obstacles like fallen tree branches, animals, or car accidents. When that happens, Farmers Electric Cooperative’s lineworkers are ready to restore that connection no matter the weather or time of day. 

We couldn’t carry out our mission without the daily dedication of our line crews. It’s a demanding job on the front lines of our co-op that often requires working around the clock in challenging conditions to serve our members and communities. They are first responders who get us through some of our darkest hours, and we count on them to power our lives, day in and day out. 

Lineworkers leave their families and put their lives on the line every day to keep the power on. They often work in harsh weather, while also being experts on how to build, maintain and repair high-voltage infrastructure, which is a dangerous job in and of itself. 

Lineworkers not only keep power flowing to your home, but they are first responders who get power back on and make things safe for all after storms and accidents. 

That’s why we honor them annually on National Lineman Appreciation Day, April 10th, this year. 

And, since there is no equivalent day of tribute for our equally integral behind the-scenes staff at the cooperative and other crew members, we ask that you also include all our employees in your expressions of gratitude this month, as Farmers EC’s staff works as a team to keep your lights on. 

Please join us this month in thanking all lineworkers and electric cooperative staff. Their service and dedication to provide safe and reliable electricity brighten the communities we serve immeasurably. 



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