Many of your once-a-year spring cleaning chores can save energy all year round. Kick off your spring cleaning with some of these tips.

1 Clean windows inside and out.
The cleaner the panes are, the more sunlight can shine through them, making it less necessary to turn on lights and run space heaters in the spring.

2. Replace the air filters in your HVAC system.
If they’re full of dust, dirt, and pet hair, then air will have a hard time passing through them. Poor airflow makes your AC system work harder to do its job.

3. Clear fallen branches.
Leaves and other debris that might have fallen on the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system over the winter. For the unit to work properly, air needs to circulate around it.

4. Dust ceiling fan blades.
When the fan starts running, it can knock accumulated dust into your room, which is bad for air quality and can wind up in AC vents.

5. Readjust your water heater’s temperature.
Set your water heater’s temperature to 120 degrees if you cranked it up a few degrees for the winter.

6. Snake your dryer vent.
Or hire a pro to do it for you. And be sure to clean the cover of the dryer vent outside.




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