Home Energy Guide
Home Energy Guide

Become a Green Farmer.

Farmers EC is helping more of our members be greener all around, by offering you the resources you need to reduce your environmental footprint through greater energy efficiency and more sustainable use. From simple tips on using electricity wisely to substantial rebates on HVAC and appliance updates, we can equip you to save energy and money. You’ll also learn about the benefits of adding renewable sources like solar and wind power. Even communication is getting greener, when you manage your account through our website or handy SmartHub interface.

NEW: Electric Vehicle Resource

Purchasing an electric vehicle can be overwhelming. Many people have have lots of questions. We have a helpful resource for members to get answers and find the right electric vehicle for them.

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Renewable Energy Program

All-around sustainability makes smart use of renewable energy sources, and you can incorporate them into your own green energy plan.

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Google Nest Rush Hour Rewards

With advanced thermostat technology, you can help your home and your co-op save—without sacrificing comfort or control.

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Renewable Generation Guide

Learn the requirements for installing power sources such as wind generators or solar panels that interconnect with Farmers EC’s system.

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Take charge of your Farmers EC account to monitor electricity use, compare costs through the seasons, manage payments, and more with this FREE interface. With SmartHub, the power is in your hands!

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Paperless Billing

Save time, money, natural resources, and stamps when you choose the simplicity and convenience of online billing from Farmers EC.

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Energy Tips

Going green doesn’t need to be overwhelming. You can start with these easy suggestions and go bigger over time.

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Rebates and Incentives

Wise investments pay off directly with rebates from Farmers EC. See our complete list of incentives for tech upgrades, HVAC tune-ups, weatherstripping, and more.

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