Home Energy Guide
Home Energy Guide

Operating with your best interest.

Beyond the foundation of the Seven Cooperative Principles that provide guidance for co-ops of all kinds, Farmers EC has adopted a simple, practical framework on which to base our decisions and build our strength. Each point in our 5 Point Philosophy has an influence on the way we work within our service area and the communities represented there. For you it all adds up to reliable, affordable power backed by neighborly service and continual improvement.

Long-Term Rate Stability

We don’t chase wholesale power plans that reset every 12 months based on market conditions. That doesn’t create stability. Members want the lowest rate possible so we analyze, plan, and contract with our providers for long-term rates we feel lock in value down the line. We feel that is more responsible to our members.

You're a Member, Not a Meter
Electric Cooperatives were formed by the members they serve. That is what makes us and you different. We don’t serve investors and profits. We look to control costs and return the profits back to members through capital credits. But members need to understand there are costs associated with running a utility. We strive to provide the best service to our members while we minimize those costs and cut where we can to create a cost-efficient energy product for you.
Community Involvement
There are certain programs we created and participate in to help members and our communities. To some, offering things like scholarships and financial aid may seem to contradict our commitment to minimize expenses. The fact is, the money raised isn’t from energy costs to members. Much of the money comes through voluntary giving from our Operation Round Up program. More funds are gleaned from abandoned capital credits returned to us from the state.
Service Outage Prevention
Everyone expects the lights to come on when they flip a switch. And they should. That takes being proactive on our part. We annually allocate more than most providers to properly maintain the co-op’s thousands of miles of line. That is more than most electricity providers, but it means reliable service for members – not just in the good weather, but also the bad.
Member Service Innovation
We’re constantly looking for new opportunities and technologies to help members save. Things like SmartHub allows members the convenience of online account management while reducing co-op administrative costs. New programs like Nest Rush Hour Rewards and renewable energy offer options in usage and conservation. And rebates on energy saving products give incentives to members and help reduce the load on the co-op. Through this, we all benefit.