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Home Energy Assessments

Saving energy starts with knowing how much energy you're already using. Get started with a FREE Home Energy Assessment:

Payment Assistance

Farmers makes it easy to manage your account your way with powerful online tools and convenient payment options from conventional to cutting-edge. Click below to learn more.

Scholarship Opportunities

Every year, Farmers Electric Cooperative helps give qualified high school seniors the power to achieve more, with scholarships to a college, university or technical school of their choice.

Vegetation Management Tips

Trees and power lines don't mix. Here's how to keep vegetation from getting in the way of your electricity with good planting and management practices for your property.


Little efforts reap big rewards. Simply changing your furnace filters twice a year can make your heating and air conditioning system run more efficiently and save money. See the deals here:

Storm Safety

Download this FREE PDF listing safety tips from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to help keep you and your family out of danger when weather turns wild.


Rebates & Incentives

Farmers offers direct rebates when you invest in a number of different energy-saving technologies and upgrades, including LED bulbs, air-conditioner tune-ups, solar screens, and more.

Energy-Saving Tips

There are so many ways to save electricity, where do you begin? We have an idea—lots of them, actually. Take a look at the Energy Tool Kit, and take steps to begin saving immediately.

Green Power

Your electric cooperative constantly balances its mission to provide reliable power at the lowest cost with its commitment to environmental responsibility. Renewable energy is an important part of the mix.

Renewable Energy Member Guidelines

As wind and solar generators become more popular, Farmers Electric Cooperative is ready to help make sure these units remain a safe and equitable part of our power system.

Safety Tips

By keeping electrical safety top-of-mind, we can continue to enjoy the productivity, comfort, convenience, and entertainment made possible by the power that’s so integral to our lives.

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Our Local Pages Newsletter brings you good news, great advice, and important tips on electrical safety and efficiency. They’re all collected here to provide you a one-stop source for information.