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Here you'll find recent articles providing a wealth of information on using your power fully, safely, and efficiently—plus stories on what co-op membership means to you and your community.


2017 Articles

  • January Articles (PDF)

    We are committed to helping you weather high winter energy bills. Learn big and small ways to take control with Budget Billing, free energy audits and winter energy saving tips.

2016 Articles

  • November Articles (PDF)

    When bad weather strikes there is little time for gathering supplies before it is necessary to evacuate or to shelter-in-place without electricity. Farmers can help you create a plan now.

  • October Articles (PDF)

    Read about why the electric cooperative model is effective and how your co-op strives to make sure members have all the power they need and to control costs as much as possible.

  • September Articles (PDF)

    Read the President and General Manager’s report in preparation for the Annual Co-op Meeting and find out how your co-op dollars were spent in 2015.

  • August Articles (PDF)

    Your co-op in the community, learn about Farmers support and involvement in the area. Save the date for the Annual Co-Op meeting!

  • July Articles (PDF)

    Desperately trying to beat the heat this summer? We have the tips and tricks you need to stay cool, save money, and qualify for rebates.

  • June Articles (PDF)

    Keep contact information current to take advantage of our services. Vacations are around the corner. Don’t let your house waste energy while you're away.

  • May Articles (PDF)

    Learn how to maintain electrical efficiency before the extreme summer heat hits. Take advantage of special rebates on HVAC tune ups and air filters.

  • April Articles (PDF)

    Our Energy Rebate Program is another way we help you save money on the things that save energy.

  • March Articles (PDF)

    Don’t be inconvenienced by a power outage, register your phone by texting FEC to 85700 so that you can notify us by text when there’s a power outage.

  • February Articles (PDF)

    Ready to be more energy-efficient, but confused about where to begin? You're not alone. Farmers can help you find ways to save energy and earn rebates for energy efficient upgrades.

  • January Articles (PDF)

    Let Farmers show you how to take control and save on those high winter bills this year with budget billing, free energy audits, and winter energy saving tips and tricks.

2015 Articles

  • December Articles (PDF)

    The most wonderful time to be a co-op member? We reflect on how your co-op and your community work together year ‘round. Be sure to pick up tips on winter energy efficiency, too.

  • November Articles (PDF)

    The privileges of membership! Get info on all kinds of benefits for members, from FREE home energy audits to rebate offers. Also in November: prepare for fall storms and potential outages.

  • October Articles (PDF)

    Why does Farmers refers to you as a “member” rather than a “customer?” This will shed some light—and let you know you belong. Bonus: our latest web and mobile tools and tips!

  • September Articles (PDF)

    In anticipation of our 78th Annual Co-op Meeting, the September news featured plans for the event and provided an easy-to-read summary of your cooperative’s financial report for the year.

  • August Articles (PDF)

    Are the products you buy really efficient and environmentally sound? This month’s articles offer tips on verifying manufacturers’ claims. Also from August: teaching basic electrical safety to your kids!

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