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Your co-op connection begins when you set up your account using the resources provided on this page. Also, be sure to learn about our various Billing Plans and choose the option that works best for you.

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Cancel Service

To cancel service with Farmers Electric, contact a Member Care Representative at 903 455 1715.

Review Bill Plans

Proactive Plan

With a proactive, prepaid PowerUP account from Farmers EC, you can monitor, manage, and recharge your account any time by phone or by using the SmartHub mobile app.

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Traditional Plan

If your budget is flexible enough to handle seasonal spikes and other variations, choose this option for monthly usage billing. This plan can be paid through SmartHub, bank draft, mail, or phone.

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Budget Plan

Averaging Month-to-Month
With the stability of a predictable bill, Budget Billing lets you pay an average based on the current plus past 11 months. This evens out extreme swings during the hottest days of summer and the coldest of winter.

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Residential Account Set Up

Step 1 – Review Bill Plans

Farmers EC recognizes everyone is different. That is why we three different Bill Plans to accommodate member’s energy and billing needs. Choose from a Traditional Plan: month-to-month billing, a Budget Plan: averaging month-to-month billing, or a Proactive Plan: pay-as-you-go.

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Step 2 – Open Account

You can use our online form to start your account or download a PDF form to print out and mail back or email to

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Download PDF Applications

PDF: Start Service Residential

PDF: Start Service Residential – Spanish

PDF: Security Deposit

PDF: Bill Explanation

Step 3 – Manage Account

Once you have received your Farmers EC account number you can sign up for SmartHub. SmartHub is the FREE, easy, and safe way to manage your account from home or on the go. Monitor and analyze your energy use, receive notifications, and make payments.

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Step 4 – Review Payment Methods

Farmers EC provides members a variety of convenient ways to pay, including traditional methods and online.

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Commercial Account Set Up

For a commercial or other non-residential account, please review and complete the appropriate forms. Be sure to consult us with any questions you have and we’ll be glad to help get you started right.

PDF: Start Commercial Service

Review Construction Services and Documents

Service Fees & Charges

Service Fees are applicable to all members for various account and cooperative services. Please review the PDF for current fees.

Download Service Fees (PDF)

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SmartHub App

At home or on the go, SmartHub is the FREE, easy, and safe way to manage your account. Monitor and anylize your energy use, receive notifications, and make payments. Create a SmartHub account online, and you can download the SmartHub app to your Apple or Android device.

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Update Your Account

Update Account Information

Life changes and when it does don’t forget to update Farmers EC. Whether your contact information changes or last name changes due to marriage, use this form to keep us up-to-date to better serve you.

PDF: Update Account Info

Release Name on Account

Use this form to remove members from your Farmers EC account.

PDF: Release Name on Account

Close Account

To cancel service with Farmers Electric, contact a Member Care Representative at 903 455 1715.

If you are moving outside of the Farmers Electric Cooperative, please update your contact information so you may continue to receive any Capital Credit member bonuses you are still entitled to. Click here to provide your new address and contact information.