Farmers Bill Plans
Bill Plans

Building on our lines.

Here’s how to take charge of powering your construction project safely, responsibly, and efficiently. Whether building a home or planning an entire subdivision, review our process and requirements, and when you’re ready to get started, contact us.

New Construction - Residential

  1. Please complete the Online Application for New Service to establish service for your new construction project. The electronic application is sent to the co-op.
  2. Once we receive your application, one of our stakers will contact you to set up an appointment at the construction site. During this meeting, the staker will provide you with a Field Engineering Report. This report will list the pre-construction requirements you will need to complete before Farmers can provide you with service. Note: In the upper left corner of the report, you will see a Work Order Number. Please make sure you have this number on hand whenever you contact the cooperative regarding the project.
  3. After the meeting with the staker, you’ll receive an invoice for the Aid-To-Construction fees by mail, fax, or email. The invoice can be paid with cash, check, or credit card.
  4. After all of the pre-construction requirements have been met and the fees have been paid, the work order is released for construction. Normal lead times during these periods range from 10 to 14 business days from the date your work order is released to construction scheduling.
  5. Construction scheduling can be delayed by certain circumstances, such as:
  • Adverse weather
  • Ground conditions after substantial rain or ice
  • Peak construction season


Meter Service

Farmers requires its members to be responsible for providing all material (except the meter base) and labor for installing and maintaining meter loops. We strongly recommend you contact a Farmers EC field engineer before a meter pole is purchased or set. The location of the meter loop and meter pole must be in a location mutually acceptable to the member and the cooperative. Moving or tampering with any flagged or marked material used to indicate our line extension is strictly prohibited and can result in extra charges for re-staking.

Meter – Permanent OH Service House (PDF)
Meter – Permanent OH Service Pole (PDF)
Meter – Permanent UG Service House (PDF)
Meter – Permanent UG Service Pole (PDF)
Meter – Temporary OH Service (PDF)
Meter – Temporary UG Service (PDF)

Renewable Generation

Renewable Generation allows for members who utilize alternative power sources to receive benefits such as tax incentives. Download the PDF Renewable Generation and learn more.

Renewable Energy Member Guidelines (PDF)

Apply for a Solar/DRG Interconnection

  • Follow the steps below to apply for interconnection of a new solar/DRG system. Use the forms to submit your request.
  • For general renewable energy related questions, please refer to our Farmers EC DRG Guidelines, or call our Member Care staff at 903-455-1715, or email

Renewable Generation Installation
and Application Process

Please review and follow the steps below before installing the solar/DRG system.

Before Installation

Step 2

Farmers EC will review documentation.

Step 3

Farmers EC will reply if there are issues with the documentation needing correction. If you do not hear from Farmers EC within five business days of submission then the project is approved for installation.

After Installation

Step 4

After solar/DRG system is installed, submit the Request Inspection Form.

Step 5

Farmers EC will perform inspection. (Inspectors will call Member to schedule.)

NOTE: a $250 charge will be billed to installing party for failed inspections. Please ensure the system is installed per Farmers EC installation requirements.

Step 6

If APPROVED, inspectors will email Permission to Operate (PTO) to all parties.

If FAILED, instructions will be sent for corrections.

Calculate Renewable Output

Learn how to read and calculate our solar energy production and buy back.

Calculating Your Renewable Output (PDF)

Sales and Purchases Tariff

This document details rules and regulations for DRG system interconnections and explains Farmers EC’s terms and rates for purchasing power.

Sales and Purchases Tariff (PDF)

Interconnection Agreement

Download and submit this Agreement to Farmers EC when you are ready to begin your DRG project.

Interconnection Agreement (PDF)