HVAC Winter Tune-Up Rebate
HVAC Winter Tune-Up Rebate

Getting your home energy efficient.

The first step in saving energy is knowing how much you use now—and how you’re using it. Because experience is so helpful when you’re trying to find out, Farmers EC offers a FREE Home Energy Assessment. Follow the instructions below to get started.

Farmers EC Free Home Assessment

When you’re ready to be more energy efficient, be sure to start with an efficient plan. With Farmers EC’s FREE Home Energy Assessment, we’ll send an experienced professional to assess your situation and show you how to save, now and in the long run. There’s no pressure, nothing for sale—the assessor is only there to recommend sensible ways for you to improve efficiency. Here’s how it works:

  • You submit the contact form (below) to request your assessment.
  • Our professional assessors review your records for background on your energy usage.
  • The assessor schedules a visit to your home to talk about your goals and any specific issues you have (e.g., interior comfort, seasonal bill spikes, etc.)
  • The assessor will look around the inside and outside of your home, then inspect the attic and other spaces for sealing, insulation and any obvious problems.
  • A blower-door test will be done (except in mobile homes), in which a large fan is set up with a cover in an exterior doorway to exhaust air from inside. This will reveal and measure any significant leaks in the home’s thermal envelope.
  • Infrared imaging can also show you where heat is being gained or lost.
  • The assessor will show you how to use our SmartHub mobile app to monitor your energy use and see how weather and other variables affect your costs.
  • You’ll learn about rebates, Budget Billing and PowerUP Prepaid Accounts, and other Farmers EC programs that can give you more control over your energy costs.
  • The assessor will show you simple short-term solutions and help you make decisions about when and how to make longer-term adjustments like HVAC upgrades and energy-efficient appliances.


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To schedule your in-home energy audit, complete this online application. We will promptly contact you to schedule a time for an assessor to visit.

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