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Helping members manage the heat.

Treating you like a member
means not acting like a utility company.

That’s part of the Farmers Electric Cooperative’s 5 Point Philosophy. We are all experiencing the heat wave that seems to be centered over NE Texas this summer. The triple digit temperatures have caused electricity usage to increase.

Also playing a role in high bills is the cost of natural gas. Natural gas is the fuel used to generate almost 45% of the electricity used in Texas. It’s price has tripled in a year. This price hike has led to an increase in the cost of wholesale power for all Texans.

Cooler days are ahead and natural gas prices will subside too. In the meantime, we have resources that can help. Our budget billing plan is a great way to weatherproof your bill. Our home efficiency guide is a terrific resource. We also maintain a full list of home energy tips and energy efficiency rebates.

And if you need a little extra time to pay, our Member Care team can help find a solution that’s right for you.

Member Care: 903 455 1715

Payment Flexibility

Please call Member Care at 903 455 1715 if you need to discuss payment arrangements. We’re committed to remaining flexible and responsive to your needs.

Payment Assistance

We understand that unexpected circumstances or expenses may come your way. If you are experiencing financial hardship, we can help you find local agencies and charitable organizations to help you get assistance with payments.

  1. Please notify our office before the termination notice due date listed on your bill to check your eligibility for a payment plan.
  2. Visit our Payment Methods page for a list of agencies that help with payment assistance.

Payment Plans

You may want to consider enrolling in our Budget Bill Plan to avoid the seasonal spike in usage due to this heat wave. This will help keep your bills consistent through the summer and all year long.

SmartHub: Power beyond payments

You can keep up-to-date with your electricity usage by creating an online account with SMARTHUB. You can use it to monitor daily usage and make adjustments before getting your next bill.

To learn more about SmartHub, Click Here

Home Energy Efficiency Guide

Whether you own or rent, our free guide will help you better manage and monitor your energy use, with the potential to lower your monthly energy bills.

TAKE CHARGE. Request your free copy Click Here

Energy Tips

You will find plenty of ways to save energy around your home with our FREE Energy Tips PDF.

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