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Offering clean sustainable energy.

Now it’s easy to be a green farmer and get the satisfaction of investing in clean, renewable energy—plus a reliable, affordable rate. Our Renewable Energy Program lets you choose one block of power or eight blocks—up to 800 kWh. It’s a convenient way to take charge of your power supply and help reduce the strain on our natural resources.

The Power of Renewable Resources

Farmers EC has been using hydroelectric power for decades, so we know a thing or two about renewable energy. Today, our energy portfolio also includes solar power, with wind power on the horizon.

Two generating units at Lake Texoma’s Denison Dam provide enough electricity to power about 80,000 homes. Solar power obviously comes mostly from sunny West Texas, as well as generation from solar farms in our service area.

Just as consumers are demanding more renewable energy to help reduce their environmental footprint, technology advances are continuing to make solar and wind power easier to use, more efficient, and more affordable. That means we can include more renewables in our mission to provide reliable electricity at the lowest cost.

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