Free Energy Tips
Free Energy Tips

Creating your own power.

Renewable generation, also known as Distributed Renewable Generation (DRG), allows for members who use alternative power sources to receive tax incentives and other benefits. Download and review the PDF documents here to learn more about Farmers EC’s guidelines, standards, and processes. Then complete the Interconnection Agreement when you’re ready to install your power solution.

Solar system installation must be inspected to ensure compliance with Farmers EC guidelines.

Apply for a Solar/DRG Interconnection

  • Follow the steps below to apply for interconnection of a new solar/DRG system. Use the forms to submit your request.
  • For general renewable energy related questions, please refer to our Farmers EC DRG Guidelines, or call our Member Care staff at 903-455-1715, or email

Renewable Generation Installation
and Application Process

Please review and follow the steps below before installing the solar/DRG system.

Before Installation

Step 2

Farmers EC will review documentation.

Step 3

Farmers EC will reply if there are issues with the documentation needing correction. If you do not hear from Farmers EC within 48 hours of submission then the project is approved for installation.

After Installation

Step 4

After solar/DRG system is installed, submit the Request Inspection Form.

Step 5

Farmers EC will perform inspection. (Inspectors will call Member to schedule.)

NOTE: a $250 charge will be billed to installing party for failed inspections. Please ensure the system is installed per Farmers EC installation requirements.

Step 6

If APPROVED, inspectors will email Permission to Operate (PTO) to all parties.

If FAILED, instructions will be sent for corrections.

Farmers EC DRG Guidelines

Get details on DRG installation procedures and guidelines for Farmers EC members.

Renewable Energy Member Guidelines (PDF)


Learn how to read and calculate our solar energy production and buy back.

Calculating Your Renewable Output (PDF)

Sales and Purchases Tariff

This document details rules and regulations for DRG system interconnections and explains Farmers EC’s terms and rates for purchasing power.

Sales and Purchases Tariff (PDF)

Interconnection Agreement

Download and submit this Agreement to Farmers EC when you are ready to begin your DRG project.

Interconnection Agreement (PDF)