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Google Nest Rush Hour Rewards

Offering a smarter way to save. Now you can get paid to save energy at home and help your co-op control long-term power costs. Enroll your Google Nest Learning Thermostat in Rush Hour Rewards and Farmers EC will reward you with $100 account credit (maximum 2). After the first year, you can earn an additional $50 credit for each consecutive year you participate in the program.

Rush Hour Rewards Program – Winter

Follow the link for system requirements and complete program details.
Confirmation of enrollment takes three to five business days. Be sure to have your Nest username and password available when enrolling.

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Rush Hour Rewards is a voluntary program designed to reduce electricity use during peak winter hours by helping homeowners efficiently manage their usage before a peak occurs and rewarding them for their participation.

Here’s the challenge: On the coldest afternoons in winter, hard-working heaters all over our region create an “energy rush hour” – people return home from work, adjust their thermostats up, and put more strain on the grid. This higher demand requires more power generation which drives up future energy costs for you and Farmers EC.

Here’s the solution: Farmers EC members are encouraged to install a Goole Nest Learning Thermostat and enroll in the Rush Hour Rewards program. Ahead of an anticipated Rush Hour event, the Google Nest thermostat will pre-heat your home and tweak the temperature by as much as three degrees during the time of peak usage. Although the program manages overall demand, you still remain in control of your home’s temperature and can adjust it as necessary to remain comfortable.

Winter’s Rush Hour Rewards program spans four months, from December through March. You’ll receive notification a minimum of two hours in advance of each event, limited to specific timeframes – an event can last up to four hours at a time, anytime between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m., any day Monday through Friday. Importantly, there will be no more than one Rush Hour event per day, no more than three events per week and no more than 15 events, total, during the four-month season.

Enrollment Requirements
You must have the following to enroll in this program:

  • Central Air
  • Wi-Fi
  • Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Download a copy of our Terms & Conditions (PDF)

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